What is Hydrographics?
Hydrographics also known as Hydro Dipping or Water Print Transferring is a modern technique that allows any two or three dimensional object to be personalized with a high definition graphic or design adding beauty and value to the product. Hydrographics can be applied on almost anything that can be submerged in water.
How does it work?
Using our state of the art, custom dipping tanks the pattern that you select is floated across water. After activating the graphic, the film turns into a liquid ink and bonding agent. Your item is then submerged into the pattern, at which time it adheres to the two and three dimensional shape and bonds. Since the process uses the displacement of water to print the graphic onto the part, this is ideal for coating many different shapes of items as it will print onto recessed areas. Once dried your product is clear coated to seal the graphic design and offer additional protection.
What are my customizable options?
First you select the base coat color that you would like to show through the graphic. This can be any color to include glow in the dark or candy coated paint. Then you select the graphic or pattern. We are open minded as to the look that you want and have multiple patterns and designs including: carbon fiber, camouflage, Mossy Oak, wood grain, flames, metal finish, stone and flags. Finally you select the type of finish to include Matte/Flat, Semi-Gloss or High Gloss clear coat.
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